To the single parents who are dating?

I've been dating my boyfriend for about 8 months and I meet his daughter. Her and I get along very good we laugh and talk and do things with the dad. But my boyfriend is stressed trying to take care of her and do the things he has to do. I told him to let me help but he thinks it's to soon. He will only let me see the daughter on Sunday's for a couple of hours.

Please tell me if this is good or not? If he is stressed out and struggling and won't let me help what should I do? Does him only letting me see him Sunday help the daughter and I build our relationship? We are both torn and stressing out how to make this work for his daughter without pushing me being there.


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  • I don't know him well, but he could not want you to spend more time with his daughter in case you aren't going to be around for long. because if she develops an emotional relationship with you (like one of a mom maybe), it could hurt her to have you leave if you two broke up. you two could have a "girls day" where you could see if she is comfortable being around you and it would give him a chance to judge whether he trusts his daughter spending a lot of time with you.

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