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My boyfriend of almost 2 year is a total flirt. We both used to be, maybe that's what attracted us to each other. We have a great relationship other that the fact that he has continued flirting even after our relationship has become official and knows that it bothers me. I've done my share and I don't know if it made him insecure. I was also interested in 2 of his friends, we met together. I didn't take him seriously during the beginning of our relationship and I'm sure it was the same on his side. I have completely stopped flirting and talking to guys I used to flirt with. Practically everyone who needs to know, knows I have a boyfriend, but for him, it seems to be different.

The way he flirts is: Paying too much attention to females friends of his(and previously mine but stopped after my more loyal friends ignored it). He does things, like grabbing a chair etc., for other girls when he doesn't for me. He treats these girls a lot better than me. He gets quite offended when I have talked to him about it before. He used to flirt with my current ex-girlfriend but has stopped after I talked to him. Recently I found inappropriate messages from a friend he has mentioned once. He wrote things that I have never seen in my messages or could even imagine what the second message could mean. Honestly, I thought we have a honest relationship.

I don't know what to do, I don't really want to leave him. Does anyone have a solution for this relationship? I like the way we are when I'm not stressing over his conversations with other girls. I really like him but I don't know what to do with this flirting and it's unbearable. I told him it was an issue for me and instead of preventing it, I made it worst. He's hiding it from me. I just know it.

Here are some messages of some messages that were sent to his friend that he had mentioned before:

March 12 at 1:07pm

Hello Jenny

Was on facebook and saw your message well my number is xxx xxx xxxx call me sometime when your free because I miss hearing your beautiful voice

January 17 at 9:28pm


No worries. :)

I'm glad it's not because you can't talk! :

January 16 at 7:42pm

oh you called? sorry about that I might of been at work and couldn't get any calls... ummm... I'm free on wednesday and thursday next week oh and by the way where is your office? I might need to know where it is if I'm to come by lol

January 14 at 2:38pm


Oh no! Can you not talk again? You are not answering your phone call... if that's the case, text me!

Please help me, I hope I didn't do too much damage. I need answers. I don't know what to do and am very confused. I know I need to confront him... But how?


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  • Just be honest with him and tell him how you feel.


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