Did I screw things up with my measured neediness?

I've been dating this girl I met online, she suffers from anxiety issues. She drinks socially, and smokes occasionally. At one point we had a small argument about me possibly seeing her as a fixer-upper. Then promised her that I would take two steps back and neck and myself to involve their problems that as much as I intended, initially I was like trying to show that I care. We've been trying to keep the ball rolling for a third date, but the past couple of weeks she said she's been sick with a sore throat. Rather than assume that she was blowing me off, recently I asked her " by the way ... not to sound interventionalist again, but are you still smoking while your throat is sore? Just curious." Her response was "OMG who the fuck cares!!" To which I replied, "Okay, okay... you don't have to get all mad. I was just thinking that might've been why it's been... well, you know." I then asked her "But that and minor rhubarbs aside, how was your day?" But I didn't get a single text back from her. This was last Friday . Today's Monday and said give some space weekend to decide ask her how her recovery was going. Did I screw things up? Should probably apologize to her let her know that I really don't care about her smoking habits? That I just want her to get better soon so we can see each other again? I really like this girl and I don't want things to end on such a petty argument.



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  • Yes, you screwed things up. You were acting like her dad and trying to tell her what to do.

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