Crushing on my lecturer. Is he flirting?

I am a mature masters student and currently in the middle of writing my thesis. I have an amazing supervisor who's only 3 years older than me and we have an amazing connection. When we're working together it's non-stop banter/laugher even by email.

I was in his office the other day brainstorming and we shook hands goodbye. Then something weird happen, he deliberately pulled his hand back and we ended up being hand in hand for maybe 30 seconds. That was out of the blue although he had been a bit more touchy feely in recent weeks.

What does that mean?

Any guys care to share their opinion?


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  • i believe he obviously enjoys his time with you, and he doesn't want to be taken to the deans office by any student regardless of age, so no easy a's for you, lol, jk. so continue on but dont cross anylines with him till the course is completed. after that game is on and the both of you are in the clear and im sure he may express his feelings more.
    party on!


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  • I feel he most likely has this "Mature major" crush on one of his students, who just happens to be three years younger than himself.
    However, being he Is Your supervisor, doesn't call for him to start up a relationship with One of his Own. Bottom line. He probably wouldn't even hear of breaking this oath he took when it comes to That sort of deal in writing.
    He is probably giving you a small handle on this "touchy feely" that he has, letting you know in his own Indiscreet way, that maybe when everything is said and done and you're Done Doing what you need to do, another kind of "student-supervisor relationship Could happen, only I would then refer to it as---"boy/girl friend."xx

  • I think if he's being this forward, you're sure to find out soon enough if he likes you or not (y)

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