What have I gotten into? Does she like me, or playing me?

I started hanging out with this girl about a month before she delivered her baby, baby daddy left when he got her pregnant and is an a**hole, we started to care for eachother while spending time with each other and ended up liking each other a lot, even though that was neither of our intentions when we started talking. So she had the baby, baby daddy is back just because she wants to be civil about the situation. She says she likes me and cares about me, but needs time to be ok with herself before she jumps into a relationship, since in the past she always needed skmekne else to be happy. So we are continuing to talk and hang out while she works on herself, I understand she is under a lot if stress, single mom working full time. I'm trying to show her I am there for her and her daughter, but it often feels like she isn't interested in me. But we still talk usually and hangout some. There will be days where she doesn't talk to me after we had a good night together the night before, sometimes I feel like she is stringing me along. Any ideas?

She also jokingly refers to us as "friends" but also says she likes me. I told her last night that I needed more from her, not a relationship, but I just need her to show me respect, I can't even get a good morning text


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  • If I were you I'd just sort of address the issue. telling her you understand that she is busy with motherhood and what not but that just not hearing anything from her for a few days at a time makes you feel like you are being played. explain that you kind of need a bit more, if not commitment to a relationship at least commitment to communication.

    It's hard to say if you are definitely being played but you are def in a pretty hairy situation. you have to understand that even though she may say her ex is an a**hole he is still her the father of her child and for a lot of people that is a connection that is hard to break so I'd just want to be sure that connection is undoubtedly broken

    • I kind if told her that last night, that I've been through a lot of shit for her and I feel like she is giving nothing, and if she decides she actually cares for me she knows how to get ahold of me

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  • Yes, you're completely being played. Move on. You are in a complete mess. She'll be banging the baby daddy soon if she's not already.

    • She really
      Does despise him though. She calls me sometimes crying bc he is an asshole to her and her child

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    • Too, not you. My bad

    • No problem. At this point, you make your choices, but I think getting involved with a single mom is a bad idea.

  • How old is the daughter?

    How has she shown that she's interested in you as more then a friend?

    • Her daughter is 6 weeks old, and yes she def has

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    • A 6 week old baby is a lot of work and going to be her top priority.

      Yadda may well be right, but if you want to keep going, see where things go over next few months.

    • Thank you, that's what I'll do