I think my ex-bf hiding his Facebook posts from me? Could he be mad at a text I sent him one time?

My ex-bf broke up with me last year in August . Currently, we sometimes see each other in events that we both go to. We are friendly to each other when we see each other, chat a bit.

He used to update his Facebook regularly (weekly) and I barely commented on or liked his post since the BU

Around 5 weeks ago, I texted him twice on consecutive fridays after drinking. The first time, it was out of nowhere but it was a decent text and he responded the next morning calling me a lightweight.
The second time, I bumped into him while I was hanging out with my friends at a bar (apparently he knew one of my friends). After he disappeared, me and my friend (mainly me) were texting him with my phone and he was replying. My friend later on figured out about me and my ex, and I texted him saying "(my friend) knows about our secret. either he's too smart or I am too drunk." and "if you or him talk about us, I will castrate whoever talks about it and I know anatomy so you guys won't die." He simply said "I didn't tell him". And then I said "he's prob too smart" followed by correcting spelling mistakes in the previous text every hour onwards

I have never drunk texted him again. and we saw each other a couple of times in the events we both go to and we never talked about it. And not long ago, he commented on my FB post. But the last time he updated was two days before my second drunk-text and hasn't updated for weeks (which was unusual).

Could he be mad and have started hiding Facebook posts from me because of that time I drunk texted him?


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  • That's possible. Or he's just going through an ebb and flow of using Facebook .


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