How should I take things with this girl who really likes me but got out of a 4 year relationship and is confused?

Things with me and this girl have been very confusing. We first got together and became a couple right after she had gotten out of a 4 year relationship and things didn't work out amazingly and she was confused and went back with her ex at times and just wanted to be single. Well I've stayed friends with her and we hang out a decent amount still and she has completely cut off ties with her ex after he had been pretty possessive of her last few times they were together and he even started a fight with me last time her and I hung out together at this music event and that was when she cut things off with him and no longer talks to him. She's trying to get close to me again and make things like we should be a couple but it's only been like 3 months since we first were a couple and even though she cut things off with her ex I'm still not sure if she is ready for a relationship yet. What do you think


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  • I think that you should handle this situation with care. Do as much talking as possible so you know where she stands and she knows where you stand. Let her know your concerns and vice versa. Also I think it would be wise to let her know if you are still interested in possibly having a relationship so that you guys ( especially on her end) can work on herself for a bit before you jump right back into a relationship. I think that's where you went wrong before. I understand that people have feelings for each other but if you initiate something in the wrong state of mind you are both doing a disservice to each other. So talk it out, you both have to be upfront and honest with each other and give yourselves some time, it doesn't have to be years but maybe a month or two to get yourselves in better order. You can always hang out and support each other in the meantime and let her know it's because you respect her and you want her to be in a good place before you two make a decision right off the bat.


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