Guys: I have a question regarding text messaging habits?

I realize people all communicate differently, but I was curious about this. I met a guy recently; we went on a date and I think it went well. He sent me a text the following day saying he had a great night, and he also told me the same at the conclusion of our date. What I'm wondering though is this: he says he's not a huge texter and prefers face-to-face contact. Texts with questions in them he seems to respond to, but when I just sent him a casual text (not sure what else to call it; I just wanted to share something I thought was funny with him) and he hasn't responded. Is this because there wasn't a question in my text, so he doesn't feel the need to respond? Or should I take that as a red flag of sorts?

Other than that, he's been pretty good about following through and making the first move. He's initiated calls and asked me out for another date. This is the second time I've sent a text out like that though, where I was like "thought you might find this funny" and I didn't receive any kind of response, so I'm just wondering how I should interpret that?

Thanks in advance to those who take the time to respond! :)


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  • It means nothing. To him it's just something you sent that doesn't require a response. This guy sounds like a real man.

    Want to know how to get along with this guy? Listen to what he tells you and believe it. If he says he's at work, believe it. If he says he's not angry, believe it. If he says you're a fox, believe it. Do you notice the trend?

    Of course, if you sense he's cheating and you have PROPER proof then you are free to question what he tells you. Otherwise, just believe what he tells you. If you don't believe him then you will start to Nag, and nobody likes a nagging girlfriend.

    It sounds like you're a smart, logical girl but that your brain is in a bitter battle with your emotions. Let your brain win. You'll end up much happier.

    • This thing between us is still really new, so I have to say cheating isn't a concern. I guess it's more since this IS new, I was wondering if maybe he's still deciding how interested he is? I always thought guys are quick to text back when they're interested, but truthfully, what do I know? Haha, I'm the opposite gender, and if I knew, I wouldn't be asking here. Anyway, thanks so much! I really like this guy so far, so I'm hoping things will continue to go well. :)

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    • Ah okay. I actually feel relieved to hear that. One of my girl friends suggested doing something like texting him pretending that the text was meant for someone else and then ask him a different question but I said no. I definitely don't want to be THAT girl that plays games and makes things unnecessarily messy. What will be will be, I guess. Thanks again!

    • Like I said... smart, logical.. you sound like a good girl.


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