First real relationship in complicated stage, I'm lonely and confused?

I'm 20 years old and until a few weeks ago, I had never even kissed a girl. That all changed when I met this particular girl, and she became my first everything, we just clicked on everything and our relationship really took off, until recently she told me that she just isn't sure she's able to handle a relationship right now, and so I'm considering it to basically be done now. It just sucks because I was so used to being alone and comfortable that way, and now that I've experienced how amazing it feels to connect with someone and share intimacy, I'm feeling really lonely and craving that connection badly. Me and the girl have vaguely decided that we would just see how things went, so I don't want to shut myself off from her, but I also still want connection, and I guess maybe I'm just feeling really desperate, any advice?


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  • I think what you have experienced is really special. being able to share intimacy with someone. That is a wonderful part of life that you have just delved into and its something you should hold onto. even if you are no longer able to experience that type of intimacy with this particular girl. Throughout life, you will either date a little, or a lot . The point is even if things don't work out between you and this girl, you can still be grateful that you have experienced intimacy with someone else, AND you can be hopeful that you will meet someone else who IS emotionally available to you. in the future. Its normal to like someone, and still have feelings even if they are not necessarily right for you at this time. If I were you, I wouldn't pressure her to want to take things further, however I think you should be ultra positive that you will meet others that are equally interested in you as you are in them, but more importantly. they will be available to have a relationship with you. Don't necessarily wait on this girl, although you might want to. Try and put yourself out there more, and who knows what might happen! Being positive goes a long way. good luck. :)


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