Why average guys blame girls because they are single?

So my question is pretty much why average/ -average guys blame girls for being single and not getting attention? I am an average looking guy as well and I get approached once in a blue moon, but thats not women's mistake or sin, what you should do is try to improve your looks and personality and knowledge, I am starting gym next month to look better for me and later ladies, if u guys say I am fat girls don't like me, instead of trying to blame girls for being single go to gym and start a diet.


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  • This site needs more guys like you. You have the right attitude, and I know for sure you'll be rewarded someday for it

    • Thanks man, only good people say good things about other people :) I hope you understand what I mean.

    • of coarse =) I could use some of your enthusiasm myself when it comes to working out. It's something that I really need to start doing

    • It would be good for you :)

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  • Because they don't take accountability for the fact that they may be doing something wrong.

    I have met so many guys who go on about all the cons in dating women and not once do I hear them admit that they may have done x or y wrong, which backfired on them.

    They weren't aware that their behavior scared them off. Or that they were too clingy. Or they moved way too fast and she headed for the hills.

    But their responses usually consist of some sort of blame on the female. How dare she resist his weak and weird advances! Nevermind he didn't pay attention to physical or verbal cues. He's so focused on what he wants that he's not paying attention to how she's REALLY responding.

    These guys are insecure, lack confidence, and are clueless. They won't even realize it til they finally grow up. Nevermind that some of these same guys also pair off with some really strange girls that they could do so much better than.

    It's sad to see because they aren't bad guys, but their choices and the way they approach things really has room for improvement. As soon as they realize that they need to change some things about themselves, the better of they'll be in the long run.

  • Because they are looser and because they would rather blame girls than face themselves and realize that they are the problem

  • Well it's about time that someone gets it. Guys and girls alike blame the opposite sex for them not liking them, when in reality, it's their attitude that makes them unattractive. No one wants someone who's sour and blames the opposite sex for their issues.

  • Honestly it's just a bitterness/self loathing thing. I'm not a guy, but I think it's true for most people that it's just easier to blame others for their shortcomings. There is a lot of that on this site!


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  • Because they have been rejected for most likely going about it the wrong way or just because a girl wasn't interested... I'm glad i'm male, i'd hate to date as a female since most guys tend to use girls, cheat or treat them like crap. As a guy, yeah you might go through periods of not getting a date or getting rejected... but I find many girls don't have the same mentality guys do, of course the odd one will cheat etc... but it's far less common.

    • Plus no periods, and birth giving lol, plus more strength and freedom, we have a lot

  • For the guys who blame girls, I think that it is because they have either tried and failed, never had a girl make any real effort or played guessing games and puzzled the guy out of his mind, or that he thinks that women have really high standards.

    Women are not exactly easy to understand, and there are many who say that they need the guy to make the move, which is really one sided. I am sure that guys are no easier for girls to understand.

    But back to the case if the guys when a guy gets discouraged they can handle it one of two ways. In a good way and pick up his chin and try again and again, or take it badly and deal with it. When you are unsuccessful many times then your attitude will change and think that there is something wrong. And when there is something wrong with someone it takes a lot more guts to know it is yourself, even if the feeling stems from sources outside of yourself and outside your control.

  • I've never really known another guy that's blamed girls for being single, I know I never have. Maybe you just know some people who are in denial, because I don't think the average guy thinks that way.

    But yes you should always try to improve your appearance, personality, and knowledge, to not try to improve is just wasting away your life.

    • Yea of course, I see those guys blame girls over the internet, whats the point right now there are 3 girls who look average maybe a little bit worse than that, who want to go out with me but since I do not find them attractive I am not going out with them and nobody deserves to blame me for this right?

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    • Like I said, if you really aren't physically attracted to them there's nothing you can do.

      Though I'd at least try to lower your standards a bit over time. Remember that a successful relationship is built on emotional and personal connection, where as a relationship built on sexual attraction almost always fails.

    • I believes in that before, until I met a realy pretty girl with wonderful personality, good looks doesn't mean bad personality or average looks good personality depends if u feel warm to someonebitbis easier to have feelings towards them

  • Good for you - but here's a tip that might save you some issues in the future. Even if you go to the gym, do not expect girls to approach you. YOU have to do the approaching.

    You can work out at the gym for a year - but if you don't develop the mental fortitude to approach girls, you've been wasting your time.

    • I have worked for Oxfam :) Since there everyone rejects you 200 times a day, it doesn't feel any special and scary :)

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