If you've dated an Asian woman, please help!?

Firstly I'm a guy trying to sign up but it won't let me so I'm borrowing a female friend's account.

I am just curious about something. I recently started dating this beautiful young Korean woman who seems to care a lot about her appearance... but she is really hairy "down there". I'm talking about a long and untouched bush. They actually stick out from her thongs. Yes, at first it's disturbing, because I had never seen it before. Then again this is the first time I've dated a FOB (what they called those who came fresh out of Asia). I've dated some Asian women born in Canada /USA and they all do Brazillian waxing but I've never dated an Asian - Asian (aka fob) who spent most of their lives in Asia. I'm wondering if it's normal for Asian - Asians (aka fobs) to have hair down there? I thought Brazillian waxing was universal. Even if I'm wrong, what about even a bikini wax? Is that at least popular in Asia? Basically it got me curious as to whether it's just the Korean fob I'm dating or if it's like that for most girls in Asia. Not trying to judge but just wanting to learn about their culture.


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  • It's probably slightly more frequent in asia than it is where I live... although there's always a mixture no matter what the race is.

    • Hmmm... are you sure? Do you know any Asian - Asians (fobs) who wax down there?

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