How should I approach an Asian girl?

I'm more attracted to Asian girls than any other ethnicity, I guess you could say its my type. But usually at my alma mater and whenever I'm out, I see Asian girls mostly in groups with other Asian guys/girls. Should I just assume they are only interested in dating other Asians ? Or should I take the chance and possibly embarrass myself?


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  • Ok, I know nothing about Asian Americans, so I can only tell you things that I've observed here in Germany. And I'm Asian myself (fob, according to what Handholder said...)

    1. First, you need to know at least a bit of the Asian culture. Because if you don't know anything, you won't be able to connect well with them. Understand that their culture is different than the western cutlture (given that they and their families are not westernized)

    2. Food is a very important part of the Asian culture. So it would be of great help if you have an open mind about food and have an adventurous palate. And if you like to eat. Asians connect well over food and can spend hours talking about food! Seriously! On my last first date with a white guy, we spent at least 2 hours talking about food.

    3. Unfortunately, you can't tell which Asian girl is open to dating white guys and which aren't. I guess you'd just have to see their reactions. You're quite attractive, if a girl keeps looking at you, then she is open to dating interracially. Because if she isn't (or her family is so adamanatly against it), she would not dare show interest in you.

    • Thank you for the tips! I'll have to try to get confident about reading the way they look at me and knowledgable about the culture

    • And thanks for the most helpful thing!

      I wish it were that easy though, to see who is up to dating interracially and who isn't..

      If you have any questions, just ask or message me!

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  • As an Asian myself, I'd have to tell you the difference between two types of Asians : there's the fob type (those who grew up in Asia) and there's the Westernized type. For fobs, sorry but chances are she's only into Asians . I know lots of fobs who are xenophobic, or maybe not that extreme but they say that they are not "used to" looking at a Caucasian guy. I tell them all the time not to limit themselves but they are quite stubborn. For the Westernized Asians , I know lots of them are into only Asians too but at least they have gone on dates with white guys before so they would consider.

    That being said, don't ever assume every single Asian girl is the same. I know two fob- Asians who married white men. They still stick to their Asian crowd and talk loudly in Mandarin to their friends while their Caucasian spouse is around. So it is possible...

    • I know this is probably not pc, but how could I tell if a girl is a fob Asian or not? I'm sure it would be easy after talking, but there has to be some way that I could tell at a glance

    • the way they dress, the way they talk, their general style is different.

      I don't know about Asians in the US, but here, western-born Asians are taller, even if they have both Asian parents, and have paler skin due to not getting as much sun (seriously!)

  • depends on what kind they are. if you can't tell, look at the way they dress. a first generation dresses and looks very different from a American born.
    id love to say stay away from a girl that hangs with only asains. bc in most cases, they only date in that group.
    but for some people like me, i take any friends i can get. turns out, im more approachable to Asians lol totally into other races though.

    • lol funny you should mention you being approachable to only Asians . The only guys that has never approached me are Asians . I'm Asian and I've never dated an Asian guy. Is that weird or what?

    • you must be too pretty and intimidating :)

    • I WISH! haha

  • The same way you approach white, black, or Hispanic women. Just because they're a different race/ethnicity doesn't mean they act like a different species. They're the same as women from all over the world.


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  • You're not an Asian and you're attracted to Asians , so of course there are Asians that are attracted to other races. Asians , like any other group of people, tend to stick together. This is the only reason you may see them in groups, but most would be totally open to having a relationship with another race as should any person.

    I actually talk from experience since I used to be in relationship with an Asian girl who really stuck to an Asian clique and I'm caucasian. But I have to say, Asian culture is very strict and affects even Asian Americans pretty strongly. After talking with my old girlfriend and her friends you could tell there were some slight differences in opinion and morals due to their upbringing.

    I really hate to add this part, but Asian culture really stresses how much power parent's should have over who their children are with. This coupled with their age and strictness means you might get some Asian parents that won't want their child with certain minorities.

  • You just talk to them same as any other girl, apparently us white guys who are into Asian women don't go for the girls many Asian guys consider to be attractive. I don't really know what that means personally since it's only what i've been told, but I think the Asian girls I like are all stunning so? But yeah they're all just people same as everyone else, some will be more traditional in terms of who they date... but there's no harm in trying.

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