What do I do about his other girl, she's messing with my head?

Before me and him dated he was seeing this other girl.
They never slept together, they kissed and hung out, but he said he never liked her and was only doing it to get in her pants.

We then went out for 4 months and then broke up due to distance.
We kept talking for the 4 months we were not together, i figured he would talk to other people but it still hurts me.

I found out he had messaged this girl he had previously seen. He said he was his usual flirty self but never really said anything to encourage her.
Now we are back in the same area and i have slept at his almost every night and been hanging out in the day. It's not just a sex thing, he's almost boyfriend-like towards me, but we are not official.

This girl recently messaged him saying "come for cuddles". he didn't reply, but later (after he was finished cuddling me) he messaged her and was like 'we need to talk'.
She went over to his, he told her that he had been sleeping with me, and then threw a massive fit, not that he had really done anything wrong.

I then found out that she went back to some people i know and explained that she was upset because she "found out a guy she had been sleeping with was sleeping with someone else". According to him they have never slept together, plus I know they couldn't this year because I have been with him pretty much all free time.

I'm really annoyed because:
1) I feel bad that he was messaging other people in a way that would give them the wrong idea
2) I don't like that she is telling people that a "guy she is sleeping with" did this, because they didn't
3) I don't like that she seems to think she has ownership over him, when I actually went out with him and hope to again and she was almost nothing
4) I feel threatened by her


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  • He's lying.

    Why are you wasting time on a guy who's jerking around two girls?

    I dated a guy who pulled that crap at some point. He was dating me, and I'd see him texting girls, not even hiding it from me, flirting around with them and all that bs.

    I threw his ass in the friend zone. Talk about disrespectful.

    That's what this guy is doing to you. She's a weirdo, he's stringing her along while he's with you. You're both his back up plan when one isn't working for him.


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  • He is bonking the other girl. Make yourself accessible to other males, and make it clear to this joker that you and he are not in a relationship. If you are in the same crowd of people (such as school, et cetera), do not let other dudes see you with him. Once you date someone else your concern for this person will disappear like a bad dream.


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  • I dont think he is a decent guy. For all you know he might be sleeping with her. He is not making it official with you neither. Trying his luck here and there.

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