Best way to take a girl on a date?

Never been on a date before. I'm 20 how shall I go about this? Ideas? Second question, can someone give me a good definition of the word "date," and how I can use it in a literal sense?


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  • What kind of a guy are you? what kind of a girl is she? I myself love picnics. I am also not opposed to the teenage movie then dinner. You could take her to a play or just for a casual lunch. Whatever you feel like :) Date: Two people romantically interested in one-another going out to get to know each other. Date in a literal sense? as a posed to a metaphorical sense? haha Let's go out on a date is an example. :) good luck


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  • The worst date is dinner and a movie, or a coffee. When I was single I just used to take girls out for a couple of drinks, beer loosens you both up and relieves the awkwardness - I'm not suggesting you get her drunk and take advantage of her lol, I said just a couple! You'll both become more flirty and chilled, rather than on a coffee date where the conversation is usually very platonic and very boring.

    Dinner dates can get awkward - you're trying to get to know each other, then you have to eat in front of each other which a lot of girls get weird about, then you have the awkward part when the bill comes and you both wonder who's paying, whether you're going dutch, then you have to have a little argument over that where you say "I'll pay" and she goes "no I'll pay my share" and you go "no it's fine" and she goes "no I insist" and so on...

    And then movie dates? The goal is to get to know her - sitting in the dark with her isn't going to help anything.

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