When should I contact her again?

I've been on two dates with this girl that have went fairly well. We both seemed to have a good time. Asked her to see a movie one night, she said she'd love to, but couldn't that night. I told her I didn't mean tonight and then left the ball in her court and said let me know if you do one of these days. She replies within the minute of every text I send, but after the last one I sent telling her to let me know I have not heard back. It's been almost two days and the question is do I call her and ask her again? Is she playing hard to get or literally waiting to get back to me when she wants to go lol. If so how long should I wait to reach out to her again.



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  • Wait a few days yourself and then resend your question. "When are you available to come to the movies with me?" If she continues waffling. Cut the crap and move on to another girl.

    • Thanks that's what I was thinking too. I myself wasn't sure how I completely felt about her, but wanted to give it another chance and get to know her a little better.

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