How should I deal with this situation? Should I just wait?

Okay so here's the thing.

Me and my boyfriend get to see each other once every two weeks. We usually see each other the whole weekend. Friday after school until Sunday. I'm ALWAYS the one who makes the plans
and asks him if we're going to be seeing each other or if he's busy doing something with his family or whatever. The answer is usually no so he stays with me the whole weekend and sleeps at my house. I want him to put in some effort. He never asks me about plans and I have to practically beg him to ask his mom if he's going to be free to come over. The reason I don't see him often is because he lives a half hour away and every other weekend he goes to New York to see his dad (his parents are divorced) so the weekend he is free, that's when we see each other. I told him I was tired of always being the one to make plans. He told me he would start making plans now. So, this past weekend I saw him. Now the weekend of the 14th, next Friday I am hoping to see him again but I don't want to ask. Should I wait and see if he actually asks me? What should I do by next Wednesday if he still hasn't asked? I don't want to make plans the day before because that's too last minute. I need to know a least two days in advance. I'm wondering if i don't make plans, and he doesn't ask me I'm not going to be able to see him. So what should I do?


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  • Wait and see. And by next Wednesday, stick to your word. If that means a weekend apart, so be it.


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