Why does he get mad when I decline him BUT show him interest?

There's this guy I only know from online. We are both adults, and he is the real deal. We even have plans in the works to meet. We have each others phone numbers and addresses and know names and workplaces, etc. just both genuine to eachother as friends from other lands. It's been nice to have a connection like this, and everything checks out on Facebook too.

The thing is, he wants to Skype and watch movies online together and it's like... I want to relax when I get home from work. He doesn't have much going on.

I've written about my guilt about saying no, but lately he's leaving my messages unread! There's no need to play games.

He asks me if I can, or asks me what I'm up to tonight (the moment I get home... He's a night owl) and I tell him, I need to clean my apartment, want to maybe read, make dinner, maybe run to the store.

He then still asks if I can watch a movie together online, and it's like... I just told you I'm busy, and even listed stuff. So I reply as nicely as I can that I will let him know but I am likely busy with all that.

Last night he said "oh it's ok, I just got other plans anyway" and tonight he just ignored me and won't read any of my following messages.

I can't sit in from to my computer with him held hostage, like we used to do that and I liked it but I got nothing done. Once in a while is fine. He asks me every night now and I don't know why.

Why is he getting so offended? I assume he is. I talk to him all day, send him pics of stuff going on, ask him about him, etc. so why get upset if I can't sit on my butt online with him at night? I want to be free to get stuff done and I even list the things.

We are not dating or in a relationship. But I know there's feelings, I'm not blind to that.

What can I do about this though? He's being so obvious about being upset/disappointed and he shouldn't be.


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  • you could try setting aside one night a week to watch a movie with him, but it almost sounds like he has some issues. if he is that needy, i'd be considering the feelings i have for him and if i want to keep leading him on.

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