What can I do to make my boyfriend try harder?

My boyfriend is good in person he always is reaching for my hand and wanting to see me. But when it comes to the phone and texting we r lucky if we send 10 txts a day back in forth cause sometimes he just leaves me hanging and doesn't reply after like only a couple texts back in forth. He just doesn't try it seems like and I'm not sure what to do. I usually am the one to text him and sometimes he does but if he doesn't after 6 at night i text him. Like how do i tell him to step up or what should I even do.


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  • It sounds like he doesn't view texting as important as you do. You can certainly talk to him and explain how you like getting messages from him and it frustrates you when he doesn't respond, but if he's just a really busy person or doesn't always check his phone, there's not much you can do. Maybe talking about it will encourage him to check his phone more, but some people just don't like texting.


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