What exactly does it mean when someone says "I really like you"?

I think it means that they like you a lot. But am I wrong? What do you think it means? haha.


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  • Stereotype is men are more sexually competent. so they are expected to take over, guide of the sexual aspect of the relationship.

    Is there a similar stereotype where people think women are more emotionally competent, so they are expected to take over , guide, the emotional aspect of the relationship?

    An example would be a woman touches a guys dick and he's ready to go, and gets things going with little extra effort from the woman.

    A guy simply indicates his feelings to woman and she takes over and makes it easy comfortable for him to express himself with little extra effort from the guy?

    just curious. im asking about cultural beliefs/ expectation, not a lecture on biology.

    • lol sorry! i meant to ask this as a question ;-)

      as for your question. yup likes you:) unless you think he has a reason to play you?

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  • Well since you acknowledged that it means what it says, I don't have any jokes or sarcasm to answer with. So I guess I just gotta be a jerk and say this is a dumb question :D


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  • well yeah. pretty straight forward, it means 'they really like you

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