After meeting a girl I like online should I wait a while before asking if she wants to meet in person?

I met a girl online (on a penpal site) who lives in the same city as me, we've been talking for almost a month and I kinda like her.. Should I:

1) Wait a while and get to know her better, maybe in the future (a few months or something) ask if she wants to meet up (as friends at first, then try to bring things further)

2) Start flirting a bit and showing I like her and ask if she has a boyfriend etc. then either make a move online or ask to meet her and then make a move (in the future)

3) Ask if she wants to meet up sometime (in a friendly way), maybe after a little while of meeting as friends things can go further if we like each other

4) Straight out ask her on a date from now and if she wants to we can see how it goes (don't think this is a good idea but thought I'd include it anyway)

Or something else? Can't think of any other way but maybe there's something better? I've only ever had one girlfriend (I met her on the same site and she made the move) so I'm not sure how to do things.. Option 1 sounds best to me but I wanted the opinions of GAGers.. Thanks :)

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  • 3.

    Meet now, a month talking is long enough already. If you talk too much online already, you'd run out of things when you finally meet.

    But be friendly, leave it open to go both ways - friendship or more. If you go flirty, there's only one option.


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  • Ask her out on a date. "I like chatting with you and really like you. Would you like to go on a date next Saturday?"

    Being direct, open and upfront is ALWAYS the best way.

  • There are some girls on those sites that enjoy having conversations with guys, but have no intention of meeting any of them in person. I would say it's safe to ask her to go out after about 5 back and forth messages (you send her 5 and she's responding to each of them), but I would not waste too much time to pull the trigger or you're wasting your time.

    • Well yeah it's a penpal site so most people I talk to live in other countries and we just talk.. And I don't mind if she doesn't want to meet, just I thought since we live close and she's nice maybe we could meet at least as friends. And we've sent 30-40 messages each

    • In that case, I would choose option 3.