How to change from friends to dating?

Me and this amazing girl go to a small community college together and we have a spring formal coming up so I asked her to go with me, and she said yes. So know I have one side of my head telling me to ask her out (like a date) and the other telling me not to ruin what I have going. Any advice on what to do? Also if you have any advice on slow dancing? This is the first date to a dance I've ever had and I want her to have an amazing time and I don't want to mess up.


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  • She is obviously somewhat interested in u otherwise she wouldn't have said yes to going to the formal. Before u ask her out to date, I'd see how the night goes. U seem like a genuine guy so I'd hate to see u stuck in a relationship if the first night is a bust. Chasing after someone is ALWAYS fun, once u have them in a relationship then it's something that needs to be consistently worked on otherwise the relationship will degrade quickly. Ur teens through 20s is supposed to be a time of experimenting (sex, dating, partying) and trial & error (things u like vs. things u don't like).. Trust me. This time in ur life affords u the opportunity to develop coping mechanisms for the rest of ur life.

    As far as dancing

    • Shit. I accidentally sent that b4 I was done.

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    • P. s. Don't forget to be a gentleman. Open doors, pull out her chair and compliment. And also don't forget a corsage.

    • Hey... thanks for most helpful selection;) come back n let me know how things work out for u bud

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