Is it bad to makeout with a guy that you know kisses other girls?

I like a guy and wanna makeout with him. I only kissed one othere guy before I haven't had sex yet im 21 he's 21. He doesn't make it a secret that he kisses and does stuff with other girls. I like that he's honest about it and doesn't try to play me like im the only one. When I first meet him he would try and kiss me or hug and touch me I told him im not like that and he's a stranger he respected what I said and said he's fine being friends. Now that I got to know him more I wanna fool around a bit but dont know if I should because he does stuff with other girls to. Your thoughts please


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  • I think the question is "Who cares?" I feel people try to make themselves "Too sacred to be touched" and honestly, it really messes things up for couples. Like couples who get married with no sex just find out sex with each other sucks. Girls "make guys wait" ridiculously long periods of time to the point where they just make out with another girl. Then people hold back so much sexually to the point where they become older and have zero experience sexually. Not only that but then they let the media overdramatize real sexual situations and then when a person actually gets sexual, they realize the media really distorted their views on sex and they get confused.

    Plus if you're "Fooling around" that means no commitment meaning you're uneasy about the fact that it would be uncommitted sexual activities. But that would also mean that you'd be ok with fooling around with other guys too. You can't fool around and be committed. Either you're a "relationship only" girls, or you're single and ok. If anything, fooling around for the experience is good. It's the best way to figure out what kind of stuff you're interested in which makes it easier to be sexual in a relationship.


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  • I'd make him wear a condom on his tongue.

    • Do you think he could really be that bad :(

    • There's too much stuff goin around today to just start suckin face with any joe ya know.

  • At 21 years old, I would guess that most guys have kissed multiple girls. As long as he doesn't have any weird sores on his lips, you should go for it. You're over thinking it way too much. If you want it, do it.


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