Tinder match/ old hookup's younger brother?

I recently just matched with this cute guy on tinder, when I had, I thought he looked a lot like my old summer hook up Jim. I messages him and he responded but I realized it's his younger brother... Hence the dashing good looks. I've never met his brother before (100%positive it's him) though I'm guessing because of the match, Jim hasn't told him about me? But would I be a horrible person to pursue this? And would it be unforgivable through Bens eyes if I did? (Keep in mind, Jim has made it clear multiple times that he didn't want to date me)


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  • I would ask and find out for sure. If they are brothers, I'm sure they know. they're just playing ignorant. In the end, Jim doesn't want to date you so I'm sure he's not that broken up about it.


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