We we're suppose to go on a second date?

It's clear that we like each other but I have seen some red flags. I backed off recently and she came texting back all flirty and what not. So a couple days ago she brought up about going out again and i said we could go out Saturday and we set up the details. Yesterday was the first time we seen each other since then but we've been texting a little back and forth. I backed off in the texting a little bit because I didn't want to come off as needy and what not. Yesterday I was going up to her to talk about Saturday to confirm it and I heard her tell her friend she will be out of town on Saturday. So that was a roundhouse kick to the face haha. I want to make other plans with people, is that the right thing to do or should I contact her? I don't want to waste my time on somebody that keeps acting questionable.


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  • Never confirm dates after they are set: they were confirmed when you set the date. If the other person doesn't respect you or your time, then they aren't worthy of either. Find someone who is worthy of you and your time, set a date, and then go out on it. Love yourself first and foremost: others will notice it and love you in kind.


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  • just ask her if she is still on for the date, she might have been lying to the friend because she didn't want to hang out with her or tell her she's going on a date

    what things does she do that are red flags?


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