I've been out with this girl for 3 dates but she is giving me mixed signals. is she into me?

I've been out with this girl 3 times already and i know she enjoys my company. The problem is when i text her she replies long and detailed messages but after a few texts she just doesn't respond, she does that every time we text. I also have asked her out after our 3rd date 2-3 times and she seems to be busier than usual and she does not give an alternate day to meet up like she did so in the past two dates. Im really good at dates and this is very surprising to me. I have yet to encounter such a problem before. My friends tell me her attention maybe divided to someone else and im second priority is it true? These are red flags are they not?

I get texts like

i have been busy lately how are you

tomorrow is tough :( (insert of the things she will do)


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  • Clearly she is mostly likely not very interested regardless if there is someone else.

  • My rule is if she cancels 2-3 dates in a row without rescheduling, she's not interested

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