My crush teases me and flirts but is he not asking me out because he doesn't know I like him?

We've spoke twice, met twice. He was very polite. This was in a shop by the way . He served me lol. He smiled and flirted as he made an error on my card. When I went in and gave him money and gas card. He just locked eyes for me for a good 5-6 seconds before doing his job lol. Then when he did he messed up.

He said its because I didn't smile at him, I said you was too busy staring. He pulled a face like oops, he didn't deny it and I did feel his eyes on me a lot longer then normal. He apologised

I then went to the bank and took some money out. Then needed change so I went back to the same shop as it was closest to bus stop. Its weird as normally I get too nervous to even face a guy when I like him. But it was a mixture of nerves and excitement. An I felt comfortable around him. As soon as I went back in I felt his stare. Then I got some gum, he said have a good day yeah. I said thanks bye.

Yesterday I went to the shop to get credit. An as I go to enter the shop a old woman is infront so I waited behind her as she was unable to walk fast. As I looked up he was there taking boxes in and out. He stopped what he was doing and looked fidgety and glanced over at me. Then he disappeared. Someone different was behind the counter. But now he was away from the counter I feel like I should of spoke.

Today I went in and was going to give my number. I had bit of make up on and some bright lipstick. I walked in and all the staff were staring a lot. Then I got a drink and went to the counter. My crush was sitting down whilst another guy served. He was like hi are you alright, I said yes thanks. Then he mimicked me as I was nervous due to him being there he was like she always says I'm staring and he kind of teased me a bit about it. His mate laughed. I said well why are you staring. Giving him chance to say he didn't though he went silent. Made me think he doesn't like me. The guy at counter told him to be quiet then I left. is he just nervous around me,?


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  • I think he's not interested

  • Ehh its kinda hard to cross that customer line or boundary