Do you reckon this guy likes me or not?

Well this guy (ross) is 24. He bartends at my local bar and he seems very quiet and keeps himself to himself. I know he doesn't have a girlfriend and I've actually been trying to figure out if he's gay or not.

I'm 21 and my friend and I are in this bar regularly. He knows us both. One night we were playing pool and he was in my team for doubles. After the game he hugged me because we won and smiled.

I was in on Sunday and I went straight over to hug him when I got in. He instantly lit up (although he was already in a good mood that night. He was chatting away a bit more than usual and taking interest in conversation when I was talking to my friends.

SO everything was going just fine until one of my friends mentioned me meeting my ex and going on dates etc. I looked at Ross at this point and his face was incredibly screwed up and he was frowning. He stopped socialising at that point and kinda hide behind the bar with his phone.

My friends seem to think he has a thing for me and say that he looks at me a lot when I'm not looking. He smiles at my friend a bit more than he does at me and sometimes looks uneasy when he catches eyes with me. I'm kinda confused but wonder if he maybe is interested.

What do you think?


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  • your friend cock blocked you. is your friend also attractive? I don't know your friend is a she.

    the part you said he was frowning and less socialising at you, did he pay more attention to your friend and smiled more towards her since he got turn off?

    • Nah he just frowned at his phone. He usually isn't particularly smiley with my friends and definitely looks to me the most. The friend I'm usually in with is attractive yeah. But the friend who brought up my ex and my dating life is not attractive.

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    • Oh did I? Haha no I've never saw him look but he always seems smiley around us but more say me however his lack of attention to females just makes me wonder haha

    • maybe he enjoys the company of the ladies in general and currently not available for relationship. Or he's tries to be unpredictable which does makes girls keep on thinking/guessing about that guy, which leads to attractions.

      again at this point there's no right answer for your question, but those I mention leads to another topic.

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