She always responds to my texts, but doesn't initiate?

I met a girl recently. We exchanged phone numbers. She is always good about texting me back, but never initiates. Im always the one to send the first text. Sometimes she responds right away, others after a few hrs. Does she have any interest in me, or is she just playing games?


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  • Some girls just don't like to text first. I know a lot of girls who will never text first because they think it is the "guy's job." As far as her taking a few hours to text back sometimes she might be doing something or simply just not check her phone. She might like you or she might just be friendly enough to text you back. Do you have interest in her then kind of imply it in a conversation and she will either tell you that she's interested or not.

  • I'm one of those girls who don't inititate text, unless the guy makes me feel comfortable to without showing as needy or clingy and that he's really interested that I text him, that my text is going to bring a smile on his face not a weirt look. It's you job to giver her material for her to initiate text and make her feel welcomed to. Guys always think that girls are needy even when we're not, so we try to avoid doing what guys think it's needy even if we don't think it's needy.


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