Does a deployed soldier like to get short and sweet messages a girl back home even if he can't always respond to them?

I met a guy right before he deployed for 4 months. We spent a weekend together and then agreed to keep in contact and that we wanted to see each other again when he got home. We're not dating yet, but it seems like it could be a possibility when he gets home. We've been emailing back and forth for the past 2 months. At first I heard from him almost ever week, not really anything in depth, just normal checking in. Last time I heard from him was 2 weeks ago in response to a longer email when I told him about what's going on here and chatted about the olympics and I asked about his dog that he had to leave with his mom. He wrote back mostly answering any questions I had, not getting too personal. I responded with another email about my day and told him some funny and flirty comments I heard on the radio about men in uniform. All light stuff. I haven't heard from him. Is it okay for me to send another email just saying Hello, telling him I'm thinking of him and that I hope everything is going well over there? Do I need to wait for him to respond, or is it okay to send short and sweet emails every so often regardless of whether I got a response to the last one?


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  • Deployed military personnel can be as different as non military personnel. It is impossible to know why his responses are shorter and less frequent. BUT, many are busy, and even those that are not busy often get into a frame of mind where it is hard to be creative. Until you know anything different, it is wise to give him the benefit of the doubt (that he is just finding it hard to write) and keep sending him cheery, humorous, or newsy messages. Word from home is always very welcome to deployed military.

    • Thanks! And the last time he wrote, he did say he's wouldn't mind coming home soon. He's also special forces attached to a SEAL team so it could be he doesn't have much time or he can't really talk about a lot

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    • He did respond today. Just a short comment on the fact that I was able to get away for the weekend and asked if I got to go skiing. I'm trying just to be happy I got a response. Thanks for the help. :-)

    • Glad to help and glad it seems to be going well. And thank you for MH. :-)

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  • If he was deployed, he might be to busy to answer emails. It wouldn't be a bad thing to ask him personally the question your asking us.


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