My bf broke up with me but do you think in the future we'll date again?

YOU MUST READ THIS PART: We were really in love but he broke up with me because he said the relationship took a lot of his time that he doesn't have because of his college work. Do you think we could restart our relationship once he graduates?

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  • Yes, because once he graduates, hell have more time on his hands and will be able to spend it with you.


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  • Yes it's possible but I think there's a good chance that was an excuse. He may love you and all but he may also want to try other options. If I really wanted to be with a girl and was busy I would still try. Being busy is an excuse in my opinion. He could even reduce classes or spend less time doing other things.

    • He can't reduce classes. They're required.

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    • He can't take less classes in a semester? He doesn't only study. That's an exaggeration.

    • Thank you for your opinion though.

  • If a person is in a relationship they like, they'll find a way to make it work. It sounds like he just lost interest in you and wanted out. I wouldn't get hung up on this guy if I were you.

    • I guess so.

    • Thank you for your opinion though.

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