Friendly or is he still interested?

So this guy I've seen around campus and thought was cute asked me and a few friends to hang out like 3 weeks ago. It went well and the next weekend he asked me to hang out but I had plans, so we ended up meeting at the end of the night and hooked up. The next morning we talked for hours and he kept kissing me and talking about studying with me since no one ever wanted to come to the library with me - and I thought that was a good sign. This past week we've been on break and I didn't want to bother him, but I sent him a little text of something that reminded me of him.
Me: I'm at Target and my cashier has a sugar skull tattoo haha
Him. AHAHAHAHAH that's awesome!
He didn't give me anything to respond to, so I didn't. His response seems way more friendly than flirty.


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  • Sweetie, why didn't you respond? Just the thoughts that he Even messaged you back, and was all full of "thrills and gills," tells me yes, he was being More "friendly than flirty," but who cares? Every text, every convo doesn't always have to pertain to kisses and misses. The point here, is he even bothered to take an interest in the Tattoo, or even cared enough to respond. I find that with many of today's text toms, they are not into a lot of pushing buttons. Looks as though you have a winner here.
    Might I suggest you reciprocate by telling him: "Yeah, you're right! Amazing.. xx"

    • Is it weird that he didn't contact me after the second week though?

    • But did You respond to his Tat comment? If not, then maybe that's why he isn't responding to you, although it's not really a big deal that you didn't. But yes, if he hasn't text the second week, something could be up. Go ahead and just send out a friendly hi... take it from there.. xx

  • You could ask him out, see what he says. Or ask him if he wants to persue anything. Again see what he says. Take it from there.

    Saves time, rather than wondering.

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