Guy is giving me mixed signals?

We've been friends for a while now. I thought we were just friends really until I started noticing him flirting with me a lot. He sits close to me all the time, he stares at me, he pushes me or pokes/tickles me, he's given offered me his jacket 3 times, and he's driven me places to hang with friends, etc.

One night we chilled at a friends house with a bunch of people. Whenever I sat on the couch he would sit really close to me, share a blanket with me, he jumped on me twice, and he dragged me so that I was lying down next to him, he tickled me, he sat on me, and other flirty stuff.

But whenever I tried to snuggle next to him, or when i lied down near or on him he would either sit there for a couple minutes or move and make some room. I'm confused. If he does all of this flirty, then why when return the actions he backs off a little?

Does he not like me? The signs are confusing...
How can i flirt back?


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  • I think he likes to flirt on his terms and he seems like he likes to be in control of the situation. Some guys are like this. He does seem to be really flirty with you. And from what you described it seems like he really likes you and that he is really into you. Maybe he may also view it as just flirting in a friendly way and he may not think it's to seriously.


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