When I compliment him, he brushes it off - why? What do i say then?

Whenever I compliment the guy i'm dating, he seems to be really shy or humble about it.

For example:
Me- "You're so sexy"
Him- "Really? Just being me"


Me: "I think you're amazing"
Him: "I have so many flaws, I'm hardly perfect"


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  • Its obvious that he just doesn't know how to accept a compliment. Its either low self esteem, or he simply doesn't know how to receive nice things being said to him.

    I would call him out on it in a nice way, and let him know that I mean everything I say and that I was being genuine with every comment.


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  • because sometimes guys know that girls say things and dont really mean it, and just say what we want to hear, guys want more physical when it comes to complements you can try showing you like him and not just be saying it, be nurturing guys like it


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