Don't know what I want? never been so confused in my life?

im really confused about if I want this guy or not and I don't want to lead him on. I have been seeing this guy for over a month now and when Im with him im happy when we are going places or just cuddling wile watching a movie.
But I don't like it when he tries it on with me and im not sure why. I am rather disgusted with his body tbh as he is quite fat but I didn't use to care about body type so why should that matter now just cause im super into my fitness. I don't like sucking his dick either and usually when I liked someone I wanted to please them but I don't get that with him.
Im just so confused because I like him okay other than that he is not bad looking but its just when he's being really dirty or pushy with me it puts me off.
let me be clear I was neeeever like this before would have been the opposite.
so whats going on with me?
I do have a history with this guy I was seeing him for a wile last year when he decided to go back to his gf. I feel like I liked him more then than I do now. its very much a case of getting what you want when you don't want it anymore :/
I am also hung up on a guy I was proper in love with personality and looks wise we were closer than I've ever been with anyone ever and we wernt even going out.
has anybody ever felt like this and what does it mean is it going to change over time or am I just not that into him now?


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  • As you've improved your physical appearance, your standards have Been raised

    • he's been talking about going to the gym but ever time I ask if he has went he hasn't gone. He even asked me to leave him some cake and in my head I just thought... You don't need it you fat ****. lol He isn't even that fat like he dosnt look fat with clothes on but when he takes his top off he does :/

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    • lol... might be a long wile to wait yet... awell il just keep my options open for now I don't even think I want serious anymore :/

    • Its whatever you want, its messed up to say it but, why be with someone who doesn't satisfy you completely and make you happy

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  • Your bar was raised with the other guy you're hung up on and now maybe you're happy to hang out with/cuddle the guy you're seeing because you're sad about the other guy but hate the intimacy part because you aren't into him more than a friend.

    • yeh I am still sad about the other guy we were crazy close like friends that flirt all the time. I still have trouble sleeping and still cry about it even though its been over a month and I can't stop looking at his profile too and I know I should stop but I just can't help myself. do you think I should stop meeting up with him then?

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    • I understand why you would say that but im just really unsure cause I do like kissing him its just anything below the belt or dirty talk I don't like. you shudnt like kissing your friend tho right?

    • I mean it varies from person to person but I've kissed lots of friends. To me, kissing can be sensual but it can also be fun and friendly, even if it's making out. I can't tell you exactly why, I just know that there are friends I've made out with to have a good time and yet I would never do anything below the belt/date them.

  • what do you mean "tries it on with me?" if his body disgusts you don't force yourself to accept it.

    • there's nothing wrong with having standards

    • He sort of made me he is very pushy I slept over at his on Valentine's and we did dirt but we fell asleep after which I was sooo greatful for. Then he woke up started kissing me and then just started to have sex with me he asked me did I want to get on top anol and I just didn't want to make any effort at all wasn't in the mood at all. Which again isn't like me. but yeh your right my standards have been raised greatly since last year.