Contacting my high school crush after 5 years?

So I went out with this girl from my school she was one year below me at the time and we went on three dates and got along great, had this amazing chemistry and sexual tension and made out a lot.

But after the third date she told me she loved me. Because I was young and an idiot, since I didn't love her I handled it pretty badly and basically shut her out didn't contact her.

We've had some friendly contact since at homecoming etc but totally platonic. The chemistry is still there though.

Girls do you think it would be a good idea to contact her after all this time trying to set up a date since I miss her and I wanna see where our path would lead us or should I leave her alone.

I appreciate all of your answers!


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  • Go ahead and give her another shout. Even if things stay platonic for awhile, all the better to see what could become of anything More, now that you're older and have had time to mature.
    If the chemistry is still there for both of you, and there doesn't seem to be any hard feelings, find out where Fate might take you Now, as you begin another journey down the path of----Starting over, but going slowly.
    Good luck, sweetie. xx


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