Asking a female friend (whom I also happen to like) to a formal event casually?

At my university there's a girl I'm friends with in my year that I'm planning on asking to be my date for the homecoming event later this month. We're not that close of friends and so far we've only ever hung out around school for social events, studying together, etc. Over time I've gradually come to like her, and she seems to flirt with me sometimes (i. e. finding excuses to touch my arms and shoulders, the way she talks to me sometimes, the way she looks at me, etc.)

When I do ask her I plan on asking her to the event its going to be just casually, but I do want to ask her on a "real" date sometime. When would it be appropriate to ask her for an actual date, before or after the event? Or should I count going to the formal with her as a "real" date?


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  • Why not make this one a real date?


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