Girls, what would possibly make you just drop a chat coversation on Facebook ?

So I messaged a girl I knew 6 years ago from high school on Friday night and told her she looked gorgeous as a compliment and asked her how life was treating her just to catch up and see where it goes. She responded nicely and asked how I have been, so I told her I just started a new job and she proceeded to ask where at. I tell her and ask her what kind of work she is doing now in the new city she just moved to. This last message i sent was rather late at night and I did not get a response so i figured she just went to bed. No big deal. But now it's been two days later and She has yet to reply and Facebook shows she has seen the message. It looks like she has been back to her college town this weekend to visit friends, but that can't be why she hasn't responded by now.
So girls could i get a little help here. It looks like she is single so what could have possibly gone wrong? Should I send her a follow up message? Again her responses seemed very nice and open when she did respond.


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  • She's the only one who can actually answer your question. We can only guess.

    -Perhaps she had nothing to day
    -Perhaps the conversation was too boring
    -Perhaps she didn't feel like talking
    -Perhaps she isn't interested in you enough to talk to you
    -Perhaps she got distracted and forgot to message you back.

    in my opinion Facebook is the WORST avenue to talk to people on. The reasons I talk to people and stop responding is usually because I'm simply being friendly, and I don't feel obligated to keep the conversation going, especially if its boring.

    For example one of my best friends ex's messaged me not too long ago. She dated him for years and I thought it was odd that he was talking to me as we were never close. I figured he was talking to me to fish for info about my Best friend. He starts off with small chat, as you're doing, and then he just kept going. It made me uncomfortable and I simply stopped answering. in my opinion there was no reason for him to talk to me. Especially once he started complimenting my looks.

    For some people after x amount of years have passed and there has been no contact with a person, they aren't interested in rekindling the acquaintanceship or friendship.


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  • I have no idea, I don't know her... but you could send another message and see if she does the same thing. She may be busy, or unsure of what to say, or uninterested... only she knows. Texting and talking on Facebook aren't good ways to read someone. Its best to see people in person, if that's not possible you may want to think about finding someone you can see in person regularly.

    • True. I know people can change a lot after high school, but she used to be a very talkative, outgoing, fun and friendly girl. Not the kind that would be stuck up and ignore people. If I was to send a follow up message how should I phrase it?

    • Well you could talk about something recent that you noticed her post or something about yourself. Just start a completely new conversation and see if she's open to talking more. If she does it again she's probably just being friendly and polite.

    • Ok good idea. I'll give it one more shot and see. Thanks for the advice!

  • You could try sending another message, but if she doesn't respond, she was probably just being friendly and isn't actually interested. Just because someone's single doesn't mean they're open to just anyone.

    • Why would she be friendly in the first place though just to ignore me a few minutes later? If she is not interested I completely understand that, but if that's the case I just can't understand why girls leave you hanging. It's much easier if they just say that they are not interested so us guys aren't left wondering if she is busy, shy, not interested or just a bitch lol.

    • I think sometimes girls are scared to lead you on because a LOT of guys misinterpret friendliness as interest. So to counter that, they'll just stop talking altogether, which is definitely not the best way to approach it. I agree with you there. But it is easier on the girl's part.

  • I don't know sometimes people are like busy , like school , like midterms , stress or something , either that or you pissed her off

    • Obviously you only read the title of my question. She is not in school anymore so that rules out midterms and if i did piss her off please tell me how with what I said?

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