First fight, bad time, he said he was done, but it doesn't seem like he is. What should I do? Talk?

I've been dating this guy for a 1 1/4 years. We started having a really hard time about a month ago. We had one time that turned into a misunderstanding and we both dropped it.

12 days later He said that he was tired of me saying and doing certain things (of which he said and I admitted I needed to change them, and I was glad he mentioned them to me so that I could work on it) and that many people had said I was trying to trap him (which I really wasn't) and that he couldn't do it anymore, and that he was sorry that he did this to me, but he wanted to be happy.

two days later I was forced to be alone I a room with him, and he said he would give me a second chance if I promise to work on my problems. I said I would, and I did. That I night I made a list of things I needed to work on, and read that list every morning and every night at least. During the next week we hardly saw each other due to a snow storm. Sadly, we hardly talked too. The one time I saw him we made breakfast together and had a nice time, both of us were smiling. A week after we made up I finally saw him again.

He said he wasn't going to be able to stay after for practice because he wasn't feeling well (of which I agreed was a good idea) that's when he looked at me and said that I couldn't force him to stay here, and he didn't need to tone and look I was giving him. He said that "actions speak louder than words" me being pissed at this point, yelled in front of everyone "your right actions do speak louder than words... maybe you should rethink your actions" I came in later to apologize for my actions, and tell him that I was just having a bad day since my dad as arrested. He was pissy again with "and I was supposed to know that?" That's when I calmly came back with "remember. actions speak louder than words" and he went "now you know how it feels!!"
I left the room only to hear him say to someone else that I was being a bitch. Afterwards he said he was done and that I was untrustworthy.

We talked about and he said that he thought I was untrustworthy because too many things were sketchy (one of the things on my list) he said he wasn't happy anymore and he regretted giving me the second chance. (That's we saw eachother twice on)
I was told that he was in a bad mood all weekend and today when I saw him I agreed he was. He would talk to me thought nicely. However, out of habit I placed my hand of his leg and he became tense and punched it away when I apologized he said none


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  • Well it sounds like he doesn't want to be with you anymore, i'm sorry :/, i think the best thing is letting go of him and moving on, maybe then he gives you another chance, but it seems like there's a lot of tension between you, and unless you both work on your problems it'll be impossible to fix it, i'm sorry, i just wish you the best and i hope this could be of any help