What would you do if you were in this situation?

Okay so here's the thing, i was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and given around 2-3 years tops (that was a couple months ago).

About 2 weeks ago i met this guy at work. We were assigned to work on the same project thatll run for a few months. We started out just colleagues working together but as time progressed, things changed. we hung out more and got to know each other better. Fast forward to yesterday and he's proclaiming his love for me... and i think i might actually be in love with him too.

Now for the hard part...
I have to break up with him. I can't allow him to fall in love with me only to die on him in a couple years!! Thing is, i haven't even told him about the whole tumor thing yet. not sure if im going to tell him at all. I think a clean break would be best for him. I dont want him to know about my condition and worry.

I dont know if im doing the right thing, or what the hell the right thing to do in this situation would even be!! But i dont want him to love me only to lose me... i can't do that to him.

Im not sure exactly what my question is to you all, but i had to get this out there. its driving me crazy!! I dont know what to do but i have to figure it out fast. I dont want us to get any more involved till i figure this out. Which is kinda hard considering we have to work side by side till this project is finished.

Ty for listening to me rant :)


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  • Just ask him... "what if I had a few years left to live, would you still stay with me and marry me?"

    • I knew a girl that got married and had 2 kids in about 3 years.

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  • First, god bless you and guide you through your journey! Second, share yourself and your love with him. Hopefully, he will reciprocate in kind. Let fate handle the rest.

  • I pray that the doctors are wrong and you live till you are 100! All the best. by the way maybe you should tell him. You guys can still be together

    • Yeah, when you read about that stuff like she has, they say there is always another doctor that gives another alternate diagnosis. Ones that talk about medications to radiation therapy to doctors that say it isn't inoperable. I hate to get a bit off topic...


    • been to 4 different docs... sadly this doc, that give this diagnosis, was actually the best diagnosis out of them all :(

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