What do guys look for in a girlfriend?

Like I'm just wondering. What do guys really look for in a girl? And also what body type? What really matters to a guy when they are looking for a girl to be in a relationship with?


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  • I just want a girl that gets my humor, gives it back to me, and is not a party animal. Body type? I'd like an athletic girl.

  • looks like this www.costaricantimes.com/.../hot-surfer-girls-5.jpg
    Well first off what I'm looking for doesn't exist in girls obviously I don't have one but anyways she will be a girl who's beautiful on the inside as well as she is on the outside,
    she'll be someone who will: be sweet, heartwarming, gentle, kind, sensitive, clingy, desperate for the right guy, intelligent, and she'll love me, desire me, share her mind with me and always tell me what she thinking/wants etc, let me explore her body. see, touch etc., she'll initiate what she wants with me have the same love and sex fantasies I have, and, is decent and has good morals and is a virgin, and desires sex and will have it with me right away and with only me, (does NOT or EVER BEEN-trashy, slutty, sleeps around, has tattoos piercings, druggie, drinker, smoker, been pregnant, and, NOT be someone who is insecure and thinks everything is the guys job to love or do this or do that, or use me for money, or use me to get her pregnant etc. (i dont want kids and she will be someone who doesn't eather) or think everything is awkward. she will be the one who will make ALL the first moves and ask me outin the most sweetest way possible maybe how I fantasized about it cause I'll NEVER ask a girl out she'll commit and keep me, and marry me ASAP and be extremely happy and satisfied with having me in her life, she'll be turned on to me and have sex and do/want sexual things with me etc., she'll have a good sense of humor and everything about her will be real and true and she'll know what she wants, she'll always look at me the opposite way girls normally look at me, instead of disgust and hate, she'll look at me with soo much love, desire, and arousal in her eyes, love would be so perfect and beautiful between me an her and we always get along perfectly cause I'd be her "dream guy" she'll also love my constant attention, she'll be very charming and a total joy to be with, she'll never leave me


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