So confused and unsure what to do?

Ok. So last weekend I had an amazing weekend with a guy I'm pretty much in love with. But since then some secrets about my past came out and I hadn't been honest with him about it (my biggest secret of all). Long story short he found out. It was/is a long distance relationship. But it's almost been a week since we last talked. Our last phone conversation ended in him saying I need to think about this and hung up.

What I'm confused at is he figured it out while I was there and told me that we'd make the LDR work and he held my hand all the way to the airport and gave me a long kiss goodbye then waited till the day after my bday to hit me with a bus. This whole week has been a nightmare I can't wake up from cause all I do is think about him what he's doing is he out did he already move on. I just don't know how to feel.

We talked about a Disney channel movie we both watched when we were little that you can't get on DVD or basically find anywhere I have it recorded and was going to burn him a copy and mail it to him with a note saying I know you are mad at me and I'm sorry or something like that so it goes in his mind and he thinks about me. Or is that to much?


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  • This is why you do not lie or mask major information about who you are. It makes your significant other question if you are even trustworthy and that can kill even the greatest romances. Lying or not including info makes you look like a phony and depending on the info, it may reduce your attractiveness. Take it as a lesson learned.

    I hate to break it to you girl, but you really can't blame him and there's not a whole lot you can do. He is totally entitled to feel this way especially considering that it's a long distance relationship. Long distance relationships take at least twice the trust, loyalty, faithfulness, restraint, and trust as your average relationship. You sacrifice so much when you commit to someone whom lives far away. No offense, but it can be viewed as a huge smack in the face if he made those sacrifices for you yet you didn't reciprocate. You can't push him into forgiving you or manipulate him into acting the way he did before. You're just going to have to wait it out and see what happens.

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