Girls: have you ever received a letter from a guy?

Not necessarily a love letter (though can be), but a little more laid back, like a guy expressing his interest, saying he wants to spend time with you, enjoys your company, etc.

What did you think of it? Was it ever awkward?

Edit: And in my case, I've already asked her out, been on a first date and already know her.
Would it be weird? It's a letter to find out where I'm at- not sure if she genuinely busy, or isn't interested.


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  • If it was a guy that I've never seen before than I would be a little creeped out. But if I've seen him before or talked to him before it'd be kinda sweet. But it'd be even sweeter if he asked me in person.

    • Cheers. Yeah I know her, I've already asked her out, been on a date... but trying to arrange the second date had been hard. She says she wants to do something, but has been busy.
      So I just want to find out if she is genuinely busy, or isn't interested and is just being nice.

    • Could you be like hey I really like you and want to go on another date. Here's when im free let me know when you are. Than if she can't from any of those days than maybe she isn't interested. Got to think about how the date went too did it go good for her you think?

    • It's a little complicated, there's a bit of backstory in my last question (it won't let me link it).

      But yeah, I felt it went well. Went ice skating, both had a great time, we were singing and laughing together, she said it was great, etc, etc.

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  • Girls: have you ever received a letter from a guy?
    Yes I've received plenty.

    What did you think of it?
    That it was amusing that so many guys delude themselves into thinking they are capable of genuine and sincere feelings for a gal beyond what their d*ck feels. I also thought how could I possibly use this for my entertainment.

    Was it ever awkward?
    Not for me. Probably was awkward for some of the guys.

    • Seems a bit of a cynical view though.
      What if you already know the guy and been on a date with him, and if the girl already knows the guy is not like that?

      And how did you use it for your own entertainment?

    • I consider myself to be a cynical person.

      Knowing the guy and being on a date with him doesn't necessarily exclude him from my view as many gals know guys and date them and get far worse than insincere feelings ala gals most likely being raped/abused by guys they know/date.

      I think unless a gal is a mind reader she can't really know if the guy is not like that.

      I use it for my own entertainment by poking fun at him or public humiliation if others join in on poking fun at him.

    • Yikes, you sound lovely!

  • Nope and if I ever did, surely I would never forget it. : ) I have a huge appreciation for sincere romantic gestures.

  • Once, in sixth grade, but it was who is now my best guy friend.


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