I overthink every text i send to him?

me and my boyfriend have been going out for almost a year... but im still really insecure about myself and i overthink all the texts i send to him... i dont want to sound weird or say something stupid and if he doesn't respond for a while i feel anxious. does anyone else feel like this or am i just crazy? does this mean i shouldn't be in a relationship with him if i still dont feel comfortable texting him?


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  • I tend to feel this way near the beginning of the relationship, but it goes away after getting to know her better. If he has been going out with you for a year, an under-thought text is not going to make stop seeing you. Try to relax and have fun.

  • Can't you phone him instead? Texting is not natural and it's not comfortable. If anything it will always add to your un-comfort and uncertainty because you cannot see how the person reacts. Texting is the worst thing ever created.

    Shy people can rely on texting far too much and it stops the progression of much needed communication skills which will eventually crush shyness. On the phone it's a two way conversation and both parties are responsible for the interaction. Texting is too impersonal. Try and make an adjustment away from texting if you want to build comfort.


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