Is there a reason he's not texting me back or were things just not going as well as I had thought?

I met a guy on an online dating site. We work opposite schedules and thought we would have trouble getting together. Wednesday night he asked if I worked in the morning and when I said no, we met up at a bar around midnight.

Things went well. And there's a band we like playing a show Sunday, I said I may be going if I could get the night off of work. He told me to let him know. Then we parted ways. I thought the night was over. But he sent me a text five minutes later, asking if I would like to go to his place and watch Archer, I said yes because the date had gone so well.

I ended up spending the night. Nothing happened, but it was super late when I offered to leave. He told me to stay and just sleep on the bed, him on the couch. He ended up coming in that morning and we reluctantly made out for a bit, gross I know because I'm sure we had morning breath but he was a damn good kisser and it felt right.

When I left around 9:30am, he walked me downstairs, kissed me goodbye and said he would text me later.

That was Thursday and he did, we talked through the day. Then Friday was the same and that evening I asked him out again for when he's free knowing he is probably working the weekend. He responded "Yes! I would love to see you again!! And soon! This weekend I will be working but I will text you and we can figure things out."

Saturday I didn't hear from him but texted him that evening, "Hope you had a good day.:)" And "Oh yeah, going Sunday, wanted to let you know tell you in case I bump into you, don't want it to be weird."

Sunday I also didn't hear from him, but texted him "Hey" before the show.

Before this weekend I always let him text me first, and I assume he was busy like he said but in the past we have texted when he was at work and it was okay. Plus he told me to get back to him about Sunday, so I did. And he seemed really into getting together again. I just don't understand his sudden lack of interest. . Thoughts?


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  • Yes, as many of today's text toms are, not the best texters. Still if he has been good about pushing a few buttons to keep the lines of communication open, there really Was No excuse as to Why he suddenly came down with "fingeritis" and never answered you back.
    However, I am studying your text to him right now: ". In case I bump into you, don't want it to be weird." I am wondering if is this could contribute as to Why he suddenly fell off the face of the earth? He may have misconstrued this, wanting to "meet up," not "just happen to run into each other" like total strangers. Perhaps it's just a matter of mixed signals here, and sending another "quite different" may or may not fix the mystery mood. It's worth a try at this point.
    Other than that, I can see how excited he was to want to get to together again. Something May have just been misinterpreted, is all. xx

    • "Just wanted to see how your weekend went? :) And if you were still up for making plans at all this week? . . I ended up not going last night. There was so much work, I almost did a double. It was insane." Just sent that, figure mixed signals or not if he still wanted to get together this would be the surest way to find out. Thanks for the advice.

    • I wasn't sure if he got bent out of shape for the bumping into each other deal or what.. some guys are weird with words and misconstrue things.. Still, he should hav etext, for he really Did seem so exxcited to want to see you again, has me confused.. I am hoping he has a logical excuse.. xx

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