Suddenly distant. What do I do?

I've been seeing this guy. We have been going great.
I slept over at his a few times, we saw each other pretty much every day, we would text, kiss, hug, cuddle on his bed.
Last week he asked me over just because he was watching a scary movie, he also took me to meet his sister and was cuddly in front of her, i was so happy.
Then on Saturday, i went away and he got sick.
I went over to his when i got back Sunday, he had been very ill. We cuddled a bit and then got in a minor argument that was resolved.
Monday I drove him somewhere because he can't drive, he still kissed me when i dropped him off and seemed relatively happy to see me.
I was supposed to go over last night but he was in a bad mood and so i didn't get invited.
Today, i have barely heard anything from him. I asked him if i had done anything wrong, but he just replied 'nope :)'.
I feel like i'm the only one initiating any texting or meeting anymore and that he is becoming distant and doesn't want to hang out. What should I do?


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  • Finally, a woman who actually initiates instead of waiting for the guy to do the initiating. I was beginning to think that woman like you didn't exist anymore. As mentioned already, I believe that he may just want some time to his self. Don't get me wrong, for a guy, talking to his woman whom he is in love with everyday ( or "pretty much everyday") is a very good thing because it shows that he (and you) is committed to the relationship, but there are times when a guy just wants to have some time to himself. I'm sure you and all the women who read this will understand because women go through the same thing. If he says that you didn't do anything wrong then you'll have to believe him. You don't want to start nagging him about because that will get annoying. I do understand your reason for worrying. I would be thinking the same thing were I in your shoes.


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  • You wait. You patiently wait. That's all you can do right now. He needs his alone time and it's nothing against you or anything. He just wants to relax and collect his thoughts to himself and then within a week or two he'll be back to normal and you guys will be great! Although recently he hasn't been very good at communicating his feelings with you.

  • He just needs some time alone! He still loves you though. He's sick and all and he doesn't want you to worry too much about him


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  • Well i think seeing each other every day is a bit more, you both need your own space and to have fun away from each other, maybe ask him if you think you see each other too much during the week and if it would be better if we had more space to ourselves to have fun with friends. I really hate it when guys ignore us though i don't blame you for worrying but i've had this happen a million times and they listen to other people saying i'm being too "needy" when i just adore them and love spending time with them.

    Once a guy i kind of dated (well... it lasted for a week lol), he was being all nice to me then suddenly on the third date (we saw each other 3 times in that week), he brought his PS3 gameboy and all he did was play it and he just acted totally withdrawn and distant. When he went to the toilet i just knew he wasn't interested any more, so when we were walking back to the bus stop he was then super quiet and i asked him why? doesn't he like me? and he made up a tone of lies just to get away and not see me any more. He added me back onto a site but he doesn't actually talk to me at all so... that kind of makes girls worry when guys ignore us and want space. So that's why it's not a good idea seeing each other so much, keep it exciting and let yourselves look forward to seeing each other.

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