is this guy using me or serious about me?

signs that he has no intention of being your boyfriend. I have been dating a guy for a couple of months. He has the one who has been the most keen on me. He still has not asked me to be his girlfriend. I have insinuated it a few times. There is another guy who is interested in me and I tried to make the guy I am dating a bit jealous to try and make him realise if he doesn't lock me down someone else might.. but his reaction was "i feel like you are threatening me trying to prematurely force me into something" i took that statement quite badly. I mean does this mean he doesn't want a relationship with me. I mean its been a couple of months of exclusive dating! did he really have to have that reaction? does he even have any intention of a relationship. what are signs he does or doens't want one?


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  • he may just not be ready for that type of commitment yet. the use of "prematurely force me into something" makes me think that he isn't just using you.