I'm scared to approach women. . Any advice?

I've been on online dating for awhile but the women on there don't want me so I've been thinking of approaching women for the first time but don't know when and how? Is there a signal the women gives to let you know she's interested and if she is what do I say besides hello? Thanks. .


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  • I mean, take what I'm going to say in a reasonable way but, you're waiting for what is essentially permission to approach a girl? That is what will separate you from the proactive guys. Obviously, don't push the boundaries or harass a girl if she's not feeling you talking to her, but you don't have to wait for any "signals" to approach her either. Those signals are good for when you're trying to tell if she actually likes you or is checking you out, but they're in public so talking to them is as simple as walking up and saying hi.

    Don't make the choice for them to disqualify you. If they're going to, let them say it for themselves because they'll say no if they aren't feeling it. But if you sit and convince yourself with various reasons why you shouldn't approach a girl, you're disqualifying YOURSELF before you even begin.

    • Thanks for the advice. . I'd rather know in advance so I don't have to hear no

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    • How do I guys walk up to women and get a phone number within 5 mins.. I don't get it

    • You don't get it because you're treating it like a game or task for you to perform, and you've got that grand prize set up at the end to judge your success or failure (getting the number or not). If you're trying to become comfortable talking to girls, the worst thing you can put yourself through is setting up situations where it's pass or fail only.

      You can't get comfortable if you don't enjoy what you're doing, so you need to not only set up challenges to push yourself out of your shell, but you need to make it fun for you as well as them.

      This all takes time and practice. It won't happen quickly and it'll hurt as long as you take it personally and think you're a failure because you tried something and found out it didn't work.

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  • Talk about the weather.

    • It's no use

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    • Cuz I've had other women tell me I'm good looking

    • "But what might be a 5 to a guy might be an 8 to me."
      So couldn't one girl think you're a 6 and another think you're a 5? Who is right and who is wrong? It's subjective.

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  • You've been given plenty of advice the last few days and you routinely refuse to listen to it, and instead shift the blame to exterior factors. The problem is your utter lack of confidence. If you don't fix it and instead continue to blame everything else around you, you have no hope.

    • I'm sorry but the only advice I've been given is to go to the gym.. I've spoken to some nice people here today

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    • Not if you don't have your attitude sorted.

    • Ok I'll work on that. . What should my mindset be when approaching a girl? Is there something helpful I can tell myself?

  • Start small. Walk through a mall and just smile and make eye contact at every girl you walk by.

    When you're comfortable doing that, say high to store clerks.

    Then start making conversation. They're there to serve you, so they'll want to talk.

    Finally approach random girls.

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  • Eye contact is a signal I guess. I wouldn't bother with trying to find an in. Just hit on the chicks whether they seem into it or not.