Girls-How do you feel about Tindr?

Girls, do you use Tindr, if so how do you feel about it?

I live in a small town and finding a date is tricky, I've tried online dating and I hate it :P It's difficult to get a girls attention since you all are getting tons of messages from other guys. It feels more like playing a raffle.

I heard about Tindr and was wondering how girls felt about it.

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  • I’ve never used Tinder, but I know a lot of people who do. It’s a pretty socially acceptable "dating" app.

    The good thing about Tinder is that it requires very minimal effort on both sides -- you get notified when you and a girl have both "swiped right" on each other, which takes the pressure off of messaging her since you guys are both mutually attracted to each other.

    I wouldn’t take the app too seriously, but it’s worth just trying out.


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  • It was meant to follow suite of the popular gay/bi one called grindr, in that you see an image of the (opposite in tindrs case) sex within a close radius and decide if you like them. It clearly hasn't fulfilled its purpose since 99% of women aren't interested in random encounters, as such I can only imagine its used for dating, with most guys sending floods of messages and most girls not reading them and eventually un-installing it

  • Online dating is a huge ego stroke for women

    • Not really its annoying. You get like a buch of really boring "hey" messages and a couple of " Hey babe Wanna get a load of my magic stick" type of messages. So its just exhausting , tedious , and some what disgusting and kinda Rapey. So fuck that shit

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    • @hyped_up_on_coffee
      While that type of message is crude and off putting, it is actually marketed as a hook up app similar to the gay/bi one called grindr, so why be surprised that guys are asking for sex on a well,.,.,.,. sex app :-/

    • And I hate the fact if you send a genuine message then she thinks you are only trying to sweet talk her into sex so she blows you off..

      That part pisses me off to no end on all the dating sites.. sorry girls yes I'm not sending nice messages for sex it's just how I was raised.. sorry you missed those good days when you were growing up!

  • I say you have better chances to approach women outside and do better. If I spend the time to look I get matched with 15-20 a week but holding a conversation over text is very difficult. I am not sure how most of the women expect anything more than Hi seeing that they write almost nothing about themselves and have a few pictures which I am sure every guy who has messaged her will have talked about.

    Sounds like im raging but just advice that you are better off approaching women in real life and getting to know them vs tinder :)

  • I am a huge advocate of Tinder and was a frequent user. I've already gone on more first dates since the beginning of this year than I did all of last year. And, I've been impressed with the quality of the girls that I've met. After many of the first dates, I knew that I wouldn't be calling them again, but I still enjoyed talking to every one I went out with. No crazies. Some of the ones I did go out with multiple times weren't interested in anything serious, so I would hookup and move on to another one. I finally met one that's a keeper and we are now in a relationship. You should go for it. What do you have to lose?

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