My boyfriend doesn't show/share his feelings?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 5 months and by now he knows I overthink things, have feelings and all the girl crap. But he never shows his feelings and It drives me crazy cuz then I don't know what he thinks or feels so I try and figure him out and I end up asking him stupid questions (which he said weren't stupid) and I talked to him about it last night and he felt bad and kept saying sorry and that he has feelings he just doesn't show them to people but he should with me. I asked him if he would start showing them and he said yes. So I'm glad he understood where I was coming from. But I don't know when I tell him I miss him or I wanna hang more (cuz we don't as much) I feel clingy cuz he's not affectionate and I am. I'm hoping after our talk he'll show more feelings but it bothers me. He's told me I'm beautiful, amazing, and sweet hearted but he's never really told me why he likes me other than that. I wrote him a 2 page note on how good of a boyfriend he is and I felt stupid '(even thou he said it was sweet) I know he likes me but I just want him to show me more. I'm scared to show feelings cuz he doesn't. But I want him to make me feel special without making him. I don't know what to do. Am I just overthinking this?


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  • Woah... slow down :) ur relationship is still fairly new so u still have many circumstances to see how he'll emotionally accommodate u. Men and women are polar opposites. Men hold everything in while women let it all out. And men say we're confusing. Heh. But the fact remains that if u bombard him he'll just clam up more. U communicated what u want from him, now give him time to show he can do it.
    Best of luck hun.


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  • We guys are confusing like that. It's not like we don't have feelings, but we don't like sharing them. This may have something to do with how we're raised I guess? I mean, if a guy was to share a feeling as a kid, he would get teased with it, and so we kinda learn that it's not a great idea to share feelings like that. Of course this doesn't go for anybody, some guys has no problem sharing feelings, and some guys show feelings in other ways. Like me, I'm terrible at going up to somebody and tell them what I feel like, I have quite literally never done that in my life. But I have no problem writing my feelings to people in text messages, which is both a good and terrible thing to do.

    Anyway, with time, if he really likes you, he will eventually tell you how he feels about you. 5 months is not a long of time, and he needs to get comfortable with you first, he needs to feel that he can share anything with you, before he will start opening up. You might tell him that he can say anything to you, and trust you, but that doesn't always convince us guys, we're stupid like that ;)

    Hope it helps! :)


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