Why would he lie? How should I interpret this?

Guy I'm dating tells me today that Verizon has changed his texting plan "without his knowledge" after his contract recently expired to 500/month. I'm assuming that means he had an unlimited texting plan before. He says that means he'll be talking to me "IRL" more, at least for a while. I wanted to take him at his word, but I also found this to be a little suspect. So I talked to a Verizon rep. They said that when a contract expires, nothing changes. It just becomes month-to-month.

Anyone else have a Verizon plan that changed like that after a contract expired? If not, why do you think someone would lie about something like that?


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  • what does IRL mean?

    I know that most plans do not change just because the contract expires however without knowing what IRL means I don't really have much more to say. that is I don't know whether it is a lie or what the purpose of the lie would be

    If IRL means 'In real life' I perhaps he just doesn't want to text as much anymore, in which case to me that would be a good sign

    • We're long-distance and we met online. I could only think IRL means talking on the phone more? It's not really realistic to say we could see each other in person more often than we already are due to the distance.

    • well whatever the reasoning is. whether it's true or not I don't know that it requires you being suspect of him. it's not like he is retreating from the relationship. maybe it's just an excuse to talk to you more rather than just texting... that would be a good sign in my opinion

    • When you put it that way, that does sound possible. Thank you for taking the time to lend me your input! I appreciate it.

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  • I used to do customer support for Sprint and I know it is a different company but once a contract is up it is up and you won't necessarily have the same features that you had on your plan.

    • Would you mind giving an example of how things changed once a Sprint contract expires?

    • It has been years since I did customer support for Sprint, but if I remember right they would go to a month to month plan. They wouldn't have unlimited texts anymore that is for sure. One way your bill would add up quickly would be going over your text limit when you didn't have an unlimited text plan. You wouldn't have anything unlimited at all.

    • Okay. Great to know, thanks.

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  • U seriously found this so suspect that u had to go digging for answers? Chill out this might be his way of "having an excuse" to be with u in person. Do not tell him u went searching to prove him wrong but u could instead say that u've never heard of anything like that b4, esp if ur on Verizon too.